Multistreaming Features

Live Stream, Store Codec and Playback anytime.

How it works

Start live streaming, store your live streaming video codec in your phone devices or in the cloud and playback directly from your device storage folder without bothering about Internet bandwidth usage.

Sing. Dance. Cook.
Give makeup and fashion tutorials.
Pitch your ideas or products and get instant tips off or donations on live chat bots.
Talk about movies and foods. Broadcast what you’re good at and let people enjoy!
Follow interesting broadcasters. You can receive notifications when they are broadcasting.

OBMeet Ginger, Token & Coin

OBMeet live enable users called “Broadcasters or Talents,” who can start a live feed anytime they wish for and allows them to show their content to the viewers. As we know that not everyone wants to do it for free. OBMeet Live also enabled an option, where the broadcasters can make money from the viewers. When the fans value your broadcasts, you start earning from the fans.

when you go LIVE, your fans can send you gifts, which are real money for you. You can collect that money into your OBMeet Live account for a particular period and then you can redeem that gifts into real money or store it as cryptocurrency coin in OBMeet wallet. OBMeet will transfer the money to your account within seven working business days.