Satellite TV Streaming

Watch, Store and Playback.


Watch Live TV channels and store codec in your phone devices or in the cloud and playback all stream codecs found in your device anytime and anywhere.

It is time to cut your cable dish subscription. Your entire TV experience in our apps. Stream our live or self generated channels, e.g live news, music, blockbuster movies and live sports for free. OBMeet TV delivers a world of live content to your smartphone devices or living room for free.

Introducing Enigma2 Box

Cast movies & TV shows, music, games, sports and more - from your Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Chromebook device to your TV. Just connect your smartphone to start playing on your TV.

* Build your linux based receivers (satellite, terrestrial, cable). Streaming of TV channels via home network from your set top box to Tablets, Phones & PCs.