Voice Features

Make calls, store it and call playback

Call Recording

With OBMeet, users can record conversation with friends, family members or customers. Record, store, transcribe and retrieve the calls from your local phone or from the cloud or prompt for voicemail.

Answering Machine Detection

Use OBMeet to determine if an outbound call made has reached a live person, answering machine, or fax.

Video / Audio Call Playback

OBMeet allows user to route calls, record, store codec file in their phone devices or cloud and playback as well.


Speak text to callers in multiple languages and accents.

Speech Recognition

Use the in-built artificial intelligence algorithm to convert speech to text and analyze its intent during any voice call.

Call Queues

Connecting and lining up users to the Queue. When users on call receives a second call, OBMeet will make a request to its cloud servers and tie the call agent to the queue.


Group Chat / Audio Conferencing

Make audio conference call with unlimited number of group chat participants, mixed locally to minimize latency. Bridge any combination of client, SIP, and PSTN calls



Convert recorded calls into written words.